It is always a great pleasure to work with individual clients. Commissions have ranged from adapting old treasured jewellery to designing new pieces for special occasions. These could be gifts such as cuff-links or making a necklace to match a specific dress.

The process of working with a client to satisfy their personal requirements is always a wonderfully satisfying challenge. I am always delighted to give new life to an old piece of jewellery: it could be an old family piece that is broken or looks too old-fashioned, or a piece the client bought many years earlier and no longer likes as much as they once did. I can either adapt the old piece by developing the design or re-use the stones and metal in a new setting .




My future wife loved the ring so much and was so impressed with what Maria and I had come up with. I really want to thank Maria for her patience and her wonderful ideas and the sensitivity with which she approached the challenge.

George, Greece