I cannot exaggerate how much I adore stones for their infinite diversity in terms of colour, transparency and texture. From a clear brilliant diamond to a druzy agate, the variety is fascinating. When I started making jewellery, we talked about brilliant sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Those boundaries are now long-gone, and the traditional definition of "precious stones" no longer applies. Over the years, I have always tried to find unusual, striking stones, from which I can create unique shapes. Almost all my stones are cut in the EU to my individual specification.

Wherever possible, I'm happy to combine any stone with any design. Some of my stones have hand-engraved patterns and designs, some are cabochons or facetted and others are left in their natural state (e.g. druzy). Recently I have used quite a lot of doublets with a contemporary and striking result - a doublet is two stones together, with one stone forming a thin base layer, on top of which is a full-size stone. This has enabled me to use stones in a variety of shapes and sizes not possible with a single stone.