I had been looking for a while for inspiration to combine my mother's wedding ring with a diamond ring she had left me, and found it in one of Maria's designs.  She was using the same textured surface of the wedding ring and I loved the flow of the stones.  We discussed the remaking of the two rings I had into one, and I was more than happy to entrust her with remodelling the materials into her own individual version.  The new ring is not only stunning to look at and wear, but it evokes memories of my mother and will, in the fullness of time, be a joy to pass on.  An added bonus is that there was one diamond left over, which Maria has made up with other stones into a wonderful, completely different, creation!
Sue Stone



Maria designed & made this bespoke piece for me last year - it is my favourite necklace. She works with stunning and vibrantly coloured gem stones and a variety of silver, gold and oxi silver to create contrast and a contemporary style. This necklace is eye catching and very special but also easy to wear every day. Maria also made me some gorgeous diamond studs set in oxi silver which I wear constantly. Thank you Maria for understanding exactly what I had in my head somehow!? 😊
Emma (Exeter, Devon)


I have been coming to Goldsmiths Fair for many years and every time I see Maria’s jewellery I am instantly drawn to her vibrant colourful and unique creations. She has a style all of her own, which now I have got to know her a bit more I realise in incapsulates her own personality.  Her use of coloured gemstones matches my passion.  So I asked her if she would consider making a ring for me with oranges if I provided the stones? She accepted and I gave her a section to ‘play’ with.  It was a delightful collaboration and I could not be more pleased to have my very ‘Maria Frantzi’ ring, it is colourful, unique and gorgeous.
Fiona Hutchinson

It was so exciting to design our own rings, chose the stones and know that they were unique and handcrafted from the same piece of gold. Many people comment on how beautiful and unusual my engagement ring is. Maria is great to work with and we were delighted with the rings she made.
Tessa & Charles Gorman

I have a beautiful ring from Maria Frantzi. I didn't know her personally first, I found her through the internet when we were looking to hire an apartment in the Aosta Valley. She and her partner rent great flats in the Aosta Valley. When I contacted her concerning a ring that I saw on her website, she said that they would be in their flat when we were there. So, I met her in Aosta and we looked at some nice stones and settings. Maria is a very passionate and a true professional in her work.We agreed about the ring, the price and she said she would send the ring through registered post mail. She would mail me the exact price, which I could transfer to her account. And so it went, she mailed me that the ring was ready to send, I paid and a couple of days later my ring arrived in a very original box. I had to sign the parcel of and now I'm the owner of a beautiful handmade ring with lemon quartz and pink tourmaline. Thank you Maria for your great service !
M Verdyck, Belgium

As a young couple, we did not want two matching rings and we did not have much money to spend. Maria gave me the idea of recycling gold from my mother’s broken jewellery and she made one gold and diamond ring for my fiancée and a gold and silver ring for me. My future wife loved the ring so much and was so impressed with what Maria and I had come up with. My fiancée knew that I was likely to turn up with a jubilee clip and could not believe that I could appear with such a beautiful ring. I really want to thank Maria for her patience and her wonderful ideas and the sensitivity with which she approached the challenge.
George, Greece

I have worked with Maria on many different pieces of jewellery. On one memorable occasion, I wanted a special birthday present for a friend who likes frogs, and Maria made a lovely engraved mother-of-pearl frog pendant which my friend adored.  She also designed the earrings for my God-daughter’s 18th birthday. My only brief was that it should be classical, but Maria came with a more modern piece more attractive to a young girl which she will still be wearing for many years to come. Maria has also designed a number of pieces for my girlfriend, sometimes using stones I have brought back from journeys to the Far East. After all this time, I can trust Maria to come up with an original and fresh idea that will delight.
R Timo, Italy

It is really hard to describe how I love Maria‘s jewellery. Every piece is unique and once my eye catches one it just sticks in my mind for a day, week, month... I am a jewellery addict and I love the designer‘s works because they combine elements of ancient culture and modernism. It is fantastic to discover a piece of jewellery for oneself, but it is even more exciting to be involved in the process of creating one!!! This happened to me when I ordered a pendant with dragonflies. I was at a loss when I received a message which invited me to take part in the making of it. A creative interactive process was so involving that it made me want the thing even more. It started from the choice of the plain stone and went through all the steps till it turned into a piece of art. I could follow each step of the process and witnessed the birth of a new creation by receiving photos at each stage. It helped me to voice out my imaginative image of the pendant for the designer.  Finally, the picture of it in my mind‘s eye and reality was exactly what I wanted it to be! The piece I‘ve dreamed of! I do recommend anyone who loves jewellery to try this at least once...See if you can stop.
G Bubelyte, Lithuania


I first encountered Maria's art a couple of years ago when I visited Goldsmith's Fair in London. I was immediately taken with her work and her unique style. My first purchase from her collection was an absolutely gorgeous five stone diamond ring. Going forward I have commissioned a number of one off pieces. Maria instinctively knows what sorts of style fits me. She has recently reworked some unwearable pearls of mine and turned them into something I'm truly proud to wear. So thank you Maria for all your wonderful ideas and I know I will be back for more fabulous jewellery in the years to come.
Jenny Smith


Maria's work speaks volumes about her talent as a jeweller and craftsman. Beyond that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with and has real skill in understanding and interpreting what is wanted for bespoke pieces and making ideas a reality. I have several items of Maria's lovely work and hope to have more in future. It is not only beautiful and unique but eminently wearable.
Naomi Cohen