I have undertaken a number of wedding commissions for engagement rings, wedding rings, wreaths and jewellery to accompany the wedding dress. My clients love the fact that, not only will they have a unique hand-made ring, but they will have also been involved in every stage of the design. I discuss with my clients the overall look, the details of the setting and the selection of the stone.

I completely understand that the wedding ring is all about making them feel special, rather than about me imposing my taste. Therefore all my wedding rings are as different as my clients. Whether clients feel best with conservative or radical, classical or chic, it is my task to help them design a ring that is perfect for them.

The look on the face of customers who see their perfect ring is one of the most satisfying parts of my profession



It was so exciting to design our own rings, chose the stones and know that they were unique and handcrafted from the same piece of gold. Many people comment on how beautiful and unusual my engagement ring is. Maria is great to work with and we were delighted with the rings she made.

Tessa & Charles Gorman